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Child birth and Leprosy

In Tazriah, we learn of impurity and purity,

A reminder of our spiritual security,

For just as our bodies can become unclean,

So too can our souls be tainted, it would seem.

Leprosy, a physical manifestation of sin,

A reminder to look within,

To examine our thoughts and our deeds,

To tend to the spiritual garden where our soul seeds.

The process of purification, a sacred task,

To restore our spiritual health and cast off the mask,

Of impurity that clings to us like a stain,

We seek the help of the priest to alleviate our pain.

For we are not alone on this journey,

In our quest for spiritual purity,

Our loved ones, our communities, and our leaders,

Help us to overcome our spiritual feeders.

And so we journey on, with hearts full of light,

Knowing that spiritual purity is always in sight,

A lifelong journey of growth and renewal,

A testament to our faith and its enduring fuel.

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