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Here to Assist

Do I have enough time?

Yes! In the grand scheme of life, one hour a month is not a lot of time especially if you consider that it is precious time, set aside for your own self discovery. The benefits of deeper exploration will manifest in all aspects of your life

Will beliefs be forced on me

Absolutely not. the purpose of spiritual direction is to accompany you on your spiritual journey and not to coerce or proselytize

I am not religious or not even sure that I believe in God so why would I do this

Perhaps you feel a calling to connect with something greater then you ,but the word God does not resonate with you.. that's Ok, we will use any word that you feel comfortable with.Perhaps you feel like exploring the God you don't believe in. And perhaps you don't know what to believe and this might be good place to find out.

What are the origins of Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice of exploring how the Sacred is working in someone's life . A form of this has been practiced by many traditions for many centuries. Even though I have been trained in the Jewish tradition which is called HasHashpa'ah I am open to work with any other traditions.  

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