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Spiritual Direction / Companion


What Does A Spiritual Director Do?

There are many different ways to explain spiritual direction or spiritual companion.  My teacher, Rabbi Zalman explained that a spiritual director  is the geologist of the soul. The director will help the client to obtain his or her tools to dig for their own personal divine/spiritual  gems. 

Spiritual direction is about taking time to reflect on your life's journey with someone who provides support and encouragement along the way. I will be your spiritual companion to  explore any questions you have.


Questions You May Have

--Are there any gifts in the pain that I am having (had).

--Where is God when I am hurting and when I am happy?

--How can I be more open to God?

--How can I discover how the Divine is woven in the tapestry of my life.

--I don't believe in God but there might be something out there.


Spiritual Direction session and my own personal experience.

During spiritual direction you have the chance to explore these questions and your relation with God. We create a safe and sacred space where you can look deep into your soul.

I love working with the energy of the yearly seasons and the cycles of our lives.

In my search for my spiritual path, I met monthly with my spiritual director. I find that I am more grounded and have learned that I can worship God using my tools which makes my relationship with the Almighty stronger and more meaningful. 

I love to listen deeply , hear you with my eyes wide open and a deep heart.

I will share the tools I have learned and  developed and help you to discover your own unique ways to find your path.

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