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Spiritual Direction Your Way

Accompanying You on Your Spiritual Path


Individual Spiritual Direction Session

During a typical session we will start by creating a sacred space. We might use a meditation or  listening to some music. This will help to ground both of us and separate this  moment from life’s ‘busy-ness’.

You can bring up whatever comes up for you. Every session is different and will be based on your needs. 

I trust that our Higher Being will guide us in our sacred space and we will find tools that you can use in every day life.

At the end of a session we finish with a prayer or a blessing or something that is meaningful to you.


Group Spiritual Direction

A group will consist of 4-6  people. We will meet once a month for 1 1/2 hour. Similar to the individual sessions we will start by grounding ourselves by using meditation or music.

After a brief check in , one person will bring up something that has been on their mind. They will have about 8 minutes to talk and the rest of the group will listen deeply. After the presentation, we will have a couple of minutes of silence and contemplation.  The members of the group will ask the presenter how the Higher Being manifested during that period in their lives. 

This is not a psycho analytical or therapy group but a spiritual group to help each other find where the Higher Being shows up in their lives. 

Enjoying the View

From Aging to Sage-ing workshop

 I will be offering a workshop called “From Aging to Sage-ing” on May 17-June 7. This interactive class discusses how we can become a wise elder, a mentor to younger generations and acknowledge and share the wisdom we we have gained during our life span.  We will also learn how to fully live the winter of our lives and prepare us to complete our lives in peace.  

This group meets once a week for four weeks.

Monthly Rosh Chodesh Hikes

Free offering: These spiritual Rosh Chodesh Hikes is sponsored by Jewish Nevada. We will be coming together on a regular basis to celebrate and renew our lives as Jewish women. We will explore the spiritual practices of being outdoors and recharge through Jewish spiritual directions.No experience necessary. Hikes will be maximum 1 mile each way.

Hikes will be led by Gail Small and Jen Wulff.

Next hikes 10/21 at 9:30 and 12/23 at 10:00.

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