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About Me

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. After I completed nursing school I moved to Israel and lived there for 12 years.

We moved to Las Vegas in 1989 and relocated to Reno in 2017. For the majority of my career I worked as a home care and hospice nurse.  The last couple of years I worked as a staff nurse and case manager on a gero-psych floor. I noticed that there was a great need for spiritual care. Patients and their loved ones had the need and wanted to talk about God and the meaning of life.

At that time I decided to become an interfaith chaplain. I did my training through World Spiritual Health Organization (WSHO) chaplaincy and completed 1600 hours of training.

During my chaplain training I was being called to dive more into more own faith and enrolled in the Spiritual Direction Program at Aleph:Alliance for Jewish Renewal. This is a three year program . I received my certificate in 2020.

During my training I decided to change my name to Neshama Shalvi. This name came to me during some very rough times in my life. Neshama is a Hebrew word and means breathe and soul. The name Shalvi was given to me by my beloved Rabbi Nadya. Shalvi means balance. I try to remember that with each breath I am connected to the Almighty and Shalvi is the balance that I need to keep me grounded. A  lofty goal indeed!

Even though I received my training through a Jewish organization I work with all inhabitants of this beautiful Earth  and will be so happy to accompany you on your journey.


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